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Shed Shopping: What To Consider When Choosing Your Shed

Choosing a shed or garage to purchase can be a big decision. Below are a few key points to think about when choosing the structure that's right for you, your property, and your storage needs.



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What will you be storing inside? This will help determine what size and style of the storage shed you realistically need. It will also help you determine any added options you may need. For example: If you need a place to work on projects, you may choose to add a workbench with pegboard on the wall behind it. If you have seasonal items to store, you may desire a loft that allows you to hide them away and free up floor space. If you plan to store a lawn mower, ATV, or motorcycle, you may want to add a diamond tread plate to the threshold and also purchase a ramp.


What size do you need? Think about all the items you plan to store inside. Keep in mind, you want room to grow as well. Many customers often say 'I wish I would have brought a bigger shed' or 'I need another shed!' after a few years. We have never heard a customer tell us that the shed he or she bought was too big! If you are limited in the amount of yard space you have for a shed, consider adding lofts and shelving to your shed. This adds a ton of useful storage space without using up anymore yard space.


Storage Shed with extra double doors and ramps

Is there a door and window layout that works best for you? At Pine Creek Structures, you have a great amount of flexibility on door and window placement for no extra cost! When deciding window and door placement, think about where your shed will be at your home and how you will be using it. We can also customize your shed with extra windows and doors or even make them larger. If you plan to store large items (like an atv or side-by-side), measure the width and height. You'll want to make sure you doorway is wide enough and has enough clearance to safely move large items in and out of your new shed.


What style do you prefer? Sheds come in many styles. The style you choose can effect the cost, usefulness, and attractiveness of your shed. For example, a Dutch Barn (also known as a Gambrel Barn) has more overhead space than many other style sheds. Compared to a standard peak shed, a Cape Cod style shed is more attractive with a steeper roof, all around overhangs, and an extra door included standard. However a Peak style shed will be less expensive than a Cape Cod style. Learn about all our shed styles and the pros and cons of each here.


Snap a photo of your house with your cell before you leave. This will help you decide what color siding, trim, shutter, and roof to choose when you're at our store.Do you want it to match your house? Consider this when choosing the style, siding type, and colors of your shed. Make the color choosing decision easy... Snap a photo of your house with your cell before you leave. This will help you decide what color siding, trim, shutter, and roof to choose when you're at our store. If you are able, bring a chip from your home's siding so you can match with even more confidence!


Does your Home Owners Association or township have any requirements? Some HOAs restrict the size or colors of a structure you place in your yard. Many townships require a permit for your structure, but some may have other requirements as well. If your township requires building plans or any specific construction, let your local store manager know before you finalize your order. We'll help you make sure they building you order meet these requirements and that you have all the necessary information to acquire your permit.


Where will you place your structure? Our standard delivery is with a truck and trailer. If you have limited access or terrain that is difficult to cross, your shed can be delivered with our Shed Mule instead. If you have no access or access that is smaller than the width of your structure, our service team can build your structure on site. Also keep site prep in mind! Your new shed will require a prepared site that is level. Learn more about delivery and site prep here. Also keep in mind: Your HOA or township may require your new structure to be a certain distance from your property line.


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What is your budget? Purchasing a storage shed can be a big financial decision and we want you to be sure of that decision! The size, style, siding type, and extra options you choose are all factors in the price of your building. Pine Creek Structures requires a down payment when you place your order. The balance must then be paid upon delivery. If you are looking for a monthly payment rather than having to pay the full cost upfront, ask us about Rent To Own and Financing options. We offer a 36-month Rent To Own program with NO credit check on many of our products. We also offer two financing options for customers with approved credit. One program is ideal for customers who plan to pay of the loan quickly and want to avoid paying interest. The other financing program is ideal for customers who desire a low monthly payment. Find out more about how to order and your payment options here.




Price vs. Quality

Cheaper isn't always better....


In today's economy, price has become a huge factor in where customers choose to purchase products... from clothes to groceries and yes, even storage sheds. But cheaper isn't always better. When it comes to portable structures, the old saying "You get what you pay for" couldn't be more true. With a Pine Creek Structure, you're paying for quality that will last. No worrying needed!


Our competitors may say they offer the 'same' thing for less... but if you take a closer look, you'll see a big difference. 


At Pine Creek Structures, we want to provide customers with structures that are built to last. It starts with choosing quality materials and also includes sturdy construction. We go above and beyond when it comes to quality. This is were many of our competitors fall short in order to cut prices. See exactly how we build structures better here, on our Features and Benefits page.

Sure, you could go down the road to the local home improvement store to purchase a storage shed for a lower price... but what are you getting for that so called good deal? Often times it's more trouble than it's worth in the long run.

With a Pine Creek Structure there's:

  • No settling on a shed that's not what you want and NEED just because you can't find the right style, colors, or extra features.
  • No worrying if you're structure's going to make it through that long snowy winter.
  • No need to replace damaged contents when the roof starts to leak in a year or so.
  • No worrying about the kids playing nearby because you think it might fall over if even the wind blows the wrong way.
  • No extra time spent shopping around again when it needs to be replaced.
  • No struggling to find someone to haul it away when it's time to deliver it's replacement!


The biggest difference between our structures and our competitors' is lumber quality. We could easily cut cost by choosing a lower quality lumber (like some of the competitors), but we're committed to providing our customers with a quality structure that will last. We won't sacrifice quality just to save a couple bucks.


Also note the little differences, you might not notice the first time you compare us to the others. Take our wall height, for example. We don't shorten our wall height to save on materials. In fact, our wall heights are a whole foot taller than some of our competitors!


Pine Creek Structures builds, sells, delivers, and serivices the sheds we offer. If there's a problem anywhere along the way, we hold ourselves responsible for solving it quickly and efficiently. Many other shed stores out there will say "Sorry, that's not our problem." We are here to honor our top-to-bottom warranty and our craftsmens' work. We have a dedicated service crew, unlike many of our competitors.


Still not convinced? Come out and visit one of our many stores across the East Coast and look inside some of our in stock structures! Ask the sales manager to point out the difference in quality compared to our competitors.

We understand that purchasing a storage shed can be a big decision financially and we want you to be sure of your decision! See your payment options (including Rent To Own with NO credit check) and how to order here. Stop by a sales lot and talk to a sales manager for more information and recommendations. We can recommend sizes, styles, options, and more based off your storage needs. We can even custom design a building exactly how you need it.



Features and Benefits

You may be wondering: "What's the difference between Pine Creek Structures and all the other storage shed companies out there?"

Pine Creek Structures provides high quality structures that are built to last. We’re a family owned and operated, community-oriented company and have been serving the community since 1984... That's over 30 years of building and perfecting our structures! Take a look here at how our structures compare to the competition.


Pine Creek Structures uses:

The Others use:

Pine Creek Structures storage sheds features and benefits - quality kiln dried lumber

The highest quality kiln dried lumber on the market (No cracking, twisting, or bowing)

 Lower quality lumber that has not been properly dried will crack, twist, or bow as it dries out. Improperly dried wood will also grow mold and fungus. 

Pine Creek Structures storage sheds features and benefits - double studded top wall plates and interlocking corners

Double plated top wall plates with double studded, interlocking corners in wall framing

 Single-studded corners. Single-plated top wall plates. Wall plates are butted together and toe-nailed.

Pine Creek Structures storage sheds features and benefits - All structural components fastened with nails, not staples

Nails fasten all structural components on heavy duty buildings

Many others use staples, which are less reliable.

Pine Creek Structures storage sheds features and benefits - LP Smart Floor - 5/8'' coated engineered floor sheeting with zinc borate treatment

Pressure-treated floor joists

5/8'' coated engineered floor sheeting

Regular kiln-dried 2x4 floor joists, which rot easier than pressure treated joists.

Regular plywood or OSB floor sheeting with no manufacturer's warranties.

Pine Creek Structures storage sheds features and benefits - Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass entry doors (standard on vinyl buildings)

Wood doors covered with vinyl siding or a steel entry door. Steel entry doors are very easy to dent and scratches are virtually impossibly to cover. They also have exposed wood on the sides, which will rot eventually.

Pine Creek Structures storage sheds features and benefits - Stainless steel piano and but hingesStainless steel butt hinges on fiberglass doors and piano hinges on wood doors

Steel T-hinges that are screwed to the face of the door. These hinges aren't as strong as butt or piano hinges and will eventually run rust streaks down over the face of your door. They also make it easier for others to break into your shed!

Pine Creek Structures storage sheds features and benefits - double bent aluminum trim

Aluminum trim with double-bent edges with beautiful woodgrain vinyl-coating

Flat painted aluminum trim with no bends, which means no protection against buckling.

Pine Creek Structures storage sheds features and benefits - shingles installed with nails and extend beyond drip edge

Shingles installed with nails and shingle cuts extend beyond the drip edge. 

Many others install shingles with staples. Shingles installed with nails have a much better holding power and a greater wind resistance.

If shingles don't extend beyond the drip edge, rain and snow runs directly onto your siding. This ages it much faster.

Pine Creek Structures storage sheds features and benefits - Lifetime shingle warranty

Lifetime manufacturer warranted architectural shingles

Others commonly use three-tab shingles with only a 25 or 30 year warranty. Some use architectural shingles with even lesser sealing qualities, meaning lesser warranties and quality of shingles.

Pine Creek Structures storage sheds features and benefits - lifetime quality vinyl siding

Lifetime manufacturer warranted vinyl siding made from 100% Virgin PVC with no additives for fillers

Many vinyl sidings on the market use fillers such as sand or other by-products to reduce the amount of resins needed to make the siding. This is why many vinyl sidings fade after installation.

Pine Creek Structures storage sheds features and benefits - 6-year top-to-bottom warranty

6-Year Top-To-Bottom Warranty on all standard heavy duty buildings

2-4 year warranties or no warranties at all.

Pine Creek Structures storage sheds features and benefits -

Free Local Delivery

We offer delivery with our Shed Mule. Save money instead of paying extra to build on site. It can get your building into that tight squeeze with ease.

No Free Deliveries and no shed mule.

Pine Creek Structures storage sheds features and benefits - custom designed buildings

We specialize in custom buildings. We can custom design your structure how YOU want it. If you can dream it, we can build it! The sky's the limit.

Others offer standard models only or limited options.





Visit a local store near you to discover the value of Pine Creek Structures... There is a difference!


Customer Testimonials

People are talking!  Listen to what they're saying about Pine Creek Structures:


"I have been pleased with this whole process with what you and Pine Creek Structures have done... From your consultation, the sale and delivery and craftsmanship of the garage... I will recommend your business to anyone interested in the products that you sell. Thanks again!”

Jeffery F


“I appreciate all of your help and patience with this and dealing with my questions... you have gone above and beyond. Thanks again.”

Jennifer, Austin Electrical Construction Inc


"Thank you for the outstanding craftsmanship and installation of our new two-car tractor shed! In specific, I wish to thank your staff for their courteous assistance, from the decision-making and ordering phase, through the contact of an excellent general contractor (Rusty and James Langkam) to install the structural pad, and through the completed shed structure installation and follow-up communication... Many thanks to the entire Pine Creek team!"

Paul B. of Upperco, MD


“The craftsmanship is excellent and I believe the shed embodies what dedication, pride and quality are really meant to be.”

Kim C


“I purchased a shed from Doug [Berlin, CT Sales Manager]. I wasn't sure what style and size shed was right for my needs. He listened and asked me questions about what I wanted to store and made a recommendation that was right for me. My shed was delivered on time. Even the driver that delivered the shed provided guidance and recommendation for the ramp that was very helpful. All in all, I am a very satisfied customer and have recommended Doug to my colleagues and friends.”

Lydia H, Danbury, CT


“There are no words to describe how thrilled we are with our beautiful shed and how very satisfied we are with the entire process from purchase to delivery and installation”

Julianne R, Farmington, CT


Lykens Valley Little Tigers football players and cheerleaders celebrating their new announcers' booth before an ice cream party.



“We would like to express our deepest appreciation for your exceptional service with our Cape Cod cottage; it was exactly as we designed it. We realize you went the extra mile in delivering and setting up the cottage exactly where, when and how we wanted. You were totally professional in all aspects of the transaction. I have recommended Pine Creek Structures to a friend because of your exceptional service and the quality of your buildings. We had looked at many different buildings and found nothing to compare to yours. You were the last lot we visited and didn’t need to go any further. Thanks again for your outstanding service!”

Catherine and James K


“The shed came out perfect. I could not be more pleased. I must say I was pretty amazed how easy they made it look on delivery day. My vintage jeep was able to fit in with no problems and plenty of room to spare.”

Tim S


“Tim [Littlestown, PA Sales Manager] was great at coordinating the delivery…. Also, my shed had to be 6" shorter to conform to my Home Owners Association… Tim got it right for me and I really appreciate his efforts. The shed was built EXACTLY as I ordered and what I wanted. Love the quality of the finished product.”

Bill L, Jefferson, MD


“My experience was beyond good. I was able to choose a garage from the lot and have it delivered without paying the extra cost of having one built on my property.”

Darla B


“My storage building from Pine Creek Structures is well built and very attractive. The building matches my home with matching shutters and shingles. It compliments my back yard! The people were professional and courteous. I would highly recommend them.”

Linda R, Greenville, NC


Managers, preffered dealers, and other staff memebers learning and discussing our products and customers at our annual Team Meeting.



"I can't thank you enough for the courteous service I received when both buying the shed and when it was delivered."

Terry B, Manchester, MD


“‎I wanted to say thank you for the Pine ‎Creek shed you sold us. The purchase process was very easy and the shed and pad were delivered on time and in a professional manner.  We are very pleased with our shed and expect to get many years of use from it. Thank you again.”

Mike N, Purcellville, VA


“Such quality craftsmanship and professional customer service are indeed rare in todays world - Thank you!!"

Julianne R, Farmington, CT


"Very pleased with the two-car garage. Rob and Jeff were very good at delivering the garage and placing it on the pad. It was completed in one day and what made me buy this two-car garage was the quality construction and dedication to customer satisfaction that was made evident by the courteous staff at Pine Creek. I would highly recommend Pine Creek Structures to anyone."

John and Linda A.


“Your delivery of our shed was very professional. He was very courteous, polite, neat and hard working and did a great job!!!! It was a pleasure dealing with him.  You need more people like Donny working for you." 

Melvin T, Berkeley Springs, WV


"Thank you for the fine service. Shed was delivered on the scheduled date and the mule was able to negotiate the tight corners. Your fast response on replacing the window with the one we ordered was appreciated. We will recommend you to others."

George J, Weatherly, PA


"Jesse [Hanover, PA Sales Manager], We are exceedingly pleased with the quality and quickness of the construction… I will be pleased to refer people to you. Thanks for your professionalism and responsiveness."

George M


"Thank you- It was great working with you and your team. I love my garage!"

Lynne M, Pine Grove, PA


“It is clear you build a quality product.”

Thomas R, Mountain Top, PA



Want to submit a customer testimonial? We welcome all feedback! Submit your testimonial and rate your experience here.


JR, Aaron, Shelly, Alyssa, and some friends from Red 102.3 ready for a Fall Open House in Harrisburg, PA.

Our staff and some friends from Red 102.3 ready for a Fall Open House in Harrisburg, PA.


Showing stock sheds to customers in Hazleton, PA.

Showing stock sheds to customers in Hazleton, PA.


Lykens Tigers President celebrating the new announcers' booth for their field before some Pine Creek representatives served up an ice cream party for the kids.

Lykens Tigers President and Pine Creek representatives celebrating a new announcers' booth for the field.


Visitors at the PA Farm Show in Harrisburg, PA.

Visitors at the PA Farm Show in Harrisburg, PA.


Greeting customers at the Martinsburg Open House

Greeting customers at the Martinsburg Open House.


A peek inside our Spring Glen, PA manufacting plant.

A peek inside our Spring Glen, PA manufacting plant.


Tim & Dianna helping customers in at the Hanover Open House

Helping customers at the Open House in Hanover, PA.


A fair mascot stopping by the Pine Creek display.

A fair mascot stopping by the Pine Creek display.


Even Bob the Builder stopped by our display at the Eastern Panhandle Home Builders Association's annual home show to check out our structures.


Alyssa getting TONS of candy ready to toss out  in local parades in the summer.

Getting TONS of candy ready to toss out  in local parades in the summer.

Warranty Info


Pine Creek Structure's 6-Year Top-To-Bottom Warranty

Heavy Duty Buildings are covered by our 6-Year Top-To-Bottom Warranty. Structures are warranted for six years from date of installation against defects in material & workmanship. Pine Creek Structures, Inc. at its option may either repair or replace the defect. (Bargain corner structures do not include this warranty. Madison Series building include only a 1-Year Top-To-Bottom Warranty.)

CLICK HERE to see full terms & conditions and/or download a copy.



Manufacturer's Warranties:


Vinyl Siding, Soffits, and Accessories Warranty

Vinyl siding, soffits, and accessories are backed by a Limited, Lifetime Warranty (50-Year Transferable) protecting against manufacturing defects, excessive fading, and hail damage.

CLICK HERE to see full terms & conditions and/or download a copy.


LP Smart Side 5/50-Year Limited Warranty

LP SmartSide is backed by a 5/50-Year Limited Warranty to the original purchaser of the product or owner of the structure in which the products are installed. Products are warranted against buckling, cracking, peeling, separating, chipping, flaking, or rupturing of the resin-impregnated surface area. Products are also warranted against structural damage caused by termites and/or fungal decay (fungus-related “wood rot”).

CLICK HERE to see full terms & conditions and/or download a copy.


Haley Paint 12-Year Limited Warranty

Haley paint is backed by a 12-Year Limited Warranty. Paint is warranted against peeling/blister from properly prepared surfaces, noticable fading, chalking, and eroding to expose wood surface.

CLICK HERE to see full terms & conditions and/or download a copy.


Lifetime Architectural Shingles

GAF laminated shingles are backed by a Manufacturer's Lifetime Limited Warranty.

CLICK HERE to see full terms & conditions and/or download a copy.


P-C Metals Roofing

PC-Metals roofing includes a 40-Year Paint Guarantee from Beckers.


PerformMAX Floor 25-Year Limited Warranty

PerformMAX flooring (began use in buildings in 2018) includes a 25-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty against delamination.

CLICK HERE to see full terms & conditions and/or download a copy.




Not sure if your product is covered by these warranties? Talk to your local store manager!


Fifteen Reasons to Buy a Pine Creek Structure

1. Reduce clutter, create easier access, or add living space. Pine Creek Structures lets you choose a structure right for your needs... from a basic shed storage to deluxe custom garages. We can create a home for your tools, toys, or even the in-laws. 

2. Protect your possessions from weather. Pine Creek's structures are quality constructed so the elements are kept outside. Whether it's your lawn mower, boxes, tools, or even your vehicle... we can provide a structure to protect your belongings.

3. Safeguard your valuables against theft. Pine Creek Structures piano-style hinges and butt hinges discourage break-ins and theft. The T-Hinges many other builders use make breaking in easy. Plus, every doorway on our structures includes a keyed lock!

4. Beautify your home and yard. Pine Creek Structures offers a wide variety of structure styles, siding options, color choices, and other accessories. We can accommodate custom matching of siding/shingles and even home owner associations requirements.

5. Feel confident in a durable, long-lasting investment. Pine Creeks Structures offers quality you can trust. Our materials and workmanship create buildings that are built to last. Learn more about the features and benefits of our structures here.

6. Let us take away the guess work. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you all the way through the decision making process of choosing and designing a structure. Our sales staff is a great resource for site prep instructions and local building codes, too!

7. Get exactly what you want. Pine Creek Structures stocks each of its sales lots with a wide variety of products, ready for immediate delivery. If we don't have what you're looking for in stock, we can easily custom design your structure with exactly the options and colors you're looking for. 

8. Stop wasting money in self storage fees. When you buy a Pine Creek Structures product, you're investing in yourself. Avoid the hassle and financial drain of the on-going monthly fees associated with renting storage space. Plus, stop wasting time and gas running back and forth to the storage facility. Why not get convenient storage right in your own backyard? With Pine Creek Structures you can!

9. Simplify code compliance issues. All heavy duty buildings are structurally engineered. Building plans are available upon request (after purchase). If your township has specific requirements to be met, let us know before you finalize your order. We'll work with you to make sure your building will meet these requirements.

10. Get free, professional delivery. We include free delivery within 20 miles of the store where you purchase your storage shed or garage, performed by professional staff who handle and place your building on site with care.

11. We offer options for customers without delivery access, too! Some grounds can't be accessed for delivery of a pre-fabricated structure. If you have limited access, we have the ability to assemble your structure on your site. Ask your local sales manager for more information and a quote.

12. Unsurpassed quality. Our products are solidly backed by an industry leading warranty. We stand behind our work for years to come. Ask for the written 6-Year Top-To-Bottom Pine Creek Structures Warranty! Get more information about our warranties here.

13. Additional manufacturer warranties. Many of the products we use to construct your building come with a warranty from the manufacturer. For example... Lifetime MFG warranty on vinyl siding, 5/50-year MFG warranty on LP Smart Side siding, Lifetime MFG warranty on shingles, and 40-year color guarantee on metal roofing. Get more information about our warranties here.

14. Rely on professional, responsive service. Our team is committed to serving customers before and after the sale. Your product comments are welcomed and appreciated. We are always striving to improve! Read some of our customer testimonials here or tell us about your experience here!

15. We help make storage more affordable. We understand that purchasing a storage shed can be a big financial decision and we want you to be sure of your decision! We offer a 36-month Rent To Own program with NO credit check. We also offer financing options for customers with approved credit. Find out more about how to order and your payment options here.